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Tring u3a Policy Summaries

You may request a copy of the Tring u3a Constitution, Minutes of the most recent AGM, Committee Minutes or the full version of any of the Policy documents listed below by sending a message to the Secretary using the Contact page.

Links to our website’s Privacy and Cookies Policies are at the foot of this page.

Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Policy sets out the requirements that Tring U3A has to gather personal information for membership purposes. The policy details how personal information will be gathered, stored and managed in line with data protection principles and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Legitimate Interest Assessments

These documents set out the reasons why Tring U3A processes Membership information.

Privacy Policy

Tring U3A treats your privacy rights seriously. The privacy policy sets out how we will deal with your ‘personal information’, that is, information that could identify, or is related to the identity of, an individual.

Safeguarding Policy

Tring U3A recognises that some people are potentially at risk of abuse and neglect. This can take place in a person’s own home, in the home of a carer, family member or friend, and within any form of institution e.g. hospitals, residential care or nursing home.

Tring U3A also recognises that abuse and neglect can be perpetrated by its members, other users of services, relatives, friends and neighbours. Where abuse or neglect is suspected Tring U3A will aim to respond to the situation in a way which is caring, effective and enabling.


Accessibility Policy

Tring u3a is committed to ensuring that it is as inclusive and accessible as possible for those in their third age who meet the criteria for membership. This policy document should be read alongside Tring u3a’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Tring u3a recognise that some people are particularly likely to experience discrimination and harassment and is committed to making sure that it is as inclusive and welcoming as possible and to ensure that members do not experience discrimination on the basis of their ‘protected characteristics’.

Sustainability Policy

Tring U3A committee feel that the U3A should have a Sustainability Policy. It is difficult to know how to make a difference, but to reduce the use of the car would be a contribution. Warming of Earth’s atmosphere is a natural process, vital to support life. We know from studies of the Solar System that excess carbon produces runaway heating.

Resolution of our carbon challenge lies with each of us, individually. Our most direct contribution is limiting use of our cars. If possible, walking or cycling to u3a meetings would make a small, important contribution to limiting growth in carbon emissions - most importantly for the benefit of future generations. The key issue is a change in mind-set about the use of our cars – is each journey essential?

U3A Public Liability Insurance FAQs

This is background information, extracted from the u3a website, that explains what is covered under the u3a Public and Products Liability insurance policy.

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