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Tring u3a is affiliated to the u3a (Third Age Trust), a UK-wide movement of locally-run groups. The u3a's purpose is to provide retired and semi-retired people with opportunities to share their experiences and learn from one another's expertise. Each group provides a wide range of opportunities to come together to learn for fun and explore new ideas, skills and activities.

Tring u3a was started by a dedicated group of volunteers in 2007 and now has over 450 members and more than 30 interest groups.

As a registered charity, Tring u3a is run by an elected Committee who are also trustees. Other members are co-opted to the Committee from time to time to help out. Members of this Extended Committee attend Committee Meetings but do not have a vote when decisions need to be made about the running of Tring u3a.


Why not lend a hand?

If you are interested in joining the Committee, becoming a trustee or helping in any other way, please contact the Secretary using the Contact us page

The Executive  Committee
Members of the Executive Committee are also trustees of Tring u3a. Not all are shown here, but a full list can be found on the Charity Commissioners website by searching for Tring u3a.
Rob Jones - Chair
Rob Jones
Graham Randall
Prue Cheyne
Newsletter Production
Helen Dorritt
Deputy Groups Coordinator
Liz Baker
Committee Member
Frank Aylett
Committee Member
Rod Burns
Committee Member
Extended Committee
Additional to the Executive Committee are ex-committee members who have agreed to remain in specific roles to allow the continued functioning of Tring u3a.
Sue Gordon - Member
Sue Gordon
Membership Secretary
Moz Copestake
Speaker Secretary
Jennie Scott - Newsletter Delivery
Jennie Scott
Newsletter Delivery
Liz Murray
Newsletter Editor

Vicky Baldock
Groups Coordinator
Helen Talbot

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